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MLB Draft Day 1 | Rutschman to the O’s and Rutledge to the Nats

Consensus held true on Day 1 of the MLB draft as the Baltimore Orioles used the first pick overall to grab C Adley Rutschman.

He is an offensive savant, really. His junior year numbers at Oregon State were absolutely epic.

If this holds true at the big league level (and it rarely does with catchers, by the way) then it will be much like having an ‘extra’ bat in the lineup since most backstops have the offensive impact of, well, a real backstop.

If he can call a game too that would more than justify this pick. I’m going on record saying that it’s an extraordinary gamble, even in a sport where drafts are full of gambles every year.

The Washington Nationals used pick #17 to draft right-handed P Jackson Rutledge. He last pitched at San Jacinto (Texas JUCO) but was committed to play next season at the University of Kentucky. Big loss for the Wildcats as the 6’8″ Rutledge is sure to be in the Nats’ minor-league system instead.

The Nats might need a few rotation arms soon as Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg are well into the second halves of their careers.  After trading away top prospect Lucas Giolito to the White Sox last season, the Nationals signed budding star Patrick Corbin in free agency.  He’s been quite good as the 3rd starter behind Scherzer and Strasburg but they’ll need more pieces to compliment his efforts in 2-3 years.

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Max Says NO!

Raise your hand if you laughed at Davey Martinez today. I did.

The video of Max Scherzer refusing to allow his manager to remove him from today’s game against the Cincinnati Reds was both sad and hilarious – all at once.

In fairness, Max was one out away from finishing the 8th inning and not in grave trouble at the moment. His pitch count was up to 117 though, with a Joey Votto at the plate who seems to have recently remembered that he’s, uh, Joey Votto.

But Mad Max struck him out on 3 straight pitches. I half-expected Scherzer to march to the mound in the 9th, but there was Sean Doolittle instead, doing what he does best to snag the save and seal Max’s 3rd victory of the season.

The Upshot

Martinez looked like an idiot even though it was almost unforgivable that Scherzer refused to leave the mound as Davey approached. Does anyone on the Nats still respect Davey?

Also, Max has pulled this stunt before. In mid-September of 2015 he threw a tantrum when then-Nats skipper Matt Williams tried to pull him from the 7th inning of against the Marlins. It’s a tired act from an otherwise iconic big leaguer.

In Other News

The Nationals signed 42-year-old reliever Fernando Rodney today. He was bounced from the A’s roster this year after walking 12 batters in just over 14 innings of work.

Who’s next? Jesse Orosco? Word is he was spotted warming up the ol’ arm this weekend while waiting for the Leisure World bus to take him to Giant. He’s probably budget-friendly, too.

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